Talent concept

People oriented, talent first

The company regards talents as the most precious enterprise resources, build a management and technology team and build a high-quality enterprise management, technology and staff team on the principle of "people-oriented, talent first".

Since its establishment, the company has maintained a stable and rapid growth. In the process of continuous development, it attaches importance to talents and appoint talents on their merit. With 20 years of development, the company has a large number of outstanding R&D, technology, management and marketing talents, among which the young and middle-aged talents with doctor's degree, master's degree and bachelor's degree have gradually become the core backbone. Through measures such as job rotation, internal and external training, the company strives to expand the vision of employees, improve their comprehensive ability, and select senior talents for the company, so as to ensure the stable and sustainable development of talents.

Welfare system

Competitive compensation

  • The company provides competitive compensation in the industry by comparison, and maintains equity to the external, internal and individual through effective compensation management.

  • Employees who consistently perform well will have a higher salary and a higher chance of promotion.


  • Pay social insurance and housing accumulation fund according to law, offer additional commercial insurance.

  • Enjoy the national holiday according to law, with regular physical examination.

  • Provide benefit and gifts in holiday and year-end bonus.

  • Provide fully equipped accommodation and working meals.

  • Each employee is entitled to a certain amount of activity funds for their department activities and employee exchange.

Diversify career plans

TA&A offers a two-way career plans for employees. Employees can make plans according to their abilities, interests and career. Employees with management potential and ability may go through the career channel of management line, while employees who are willing to accumulate experience in a certain profession (R&D, marketing, sales, etc.), devote themselves to research, and become experts in this professional field can take professional career plan. These two career development plans provide a broad space and platform for employees' career development in the company.

Multiple channels of communication

The company advocates a communication culture of "communication without barriers", and provides diversified communication channels (communication meeting, report, interview, internal email) to provide all aspects of suggestions and opinions to the management.