Talent concept

New employee training

The company organizes new employees to conduct orientation training such as corporate culture, personnel rules and regulations, and safety management training, so that new employees can have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the company's corporate culture and management system; According to the job skills, the technical/experienced senior employees of the department will provide comprehensive guidance and skills training to the new employees, so as to make the company's talents grow rapidly;

In-service training

In-service training for employees includes professional skills training and management training. The company provides relevant professional skills and management training according to the positions and requirements of employees, covering business process, product knowledge, research and development, marketing, sales, procurement, quality and other aspects, so as to help employees work effectively and provide more favorable support for their continued career development in the company.

Employee self-improvement training

The company encourages employees to study by themselves in their spare time, buy a large number of training books, training CDS and other learning materials, and improve the competency and work quality of employees through self-study.

Job rotation training

Create job rotation opportunities for potential employees to fully understand company's business and gain all-round experience; explore the potential of employees through job rotation, discover and cultivate talents.

Career planning for key positions

The key position is the one that bears the important responsibility to realize the enterprise's strategic goal, and the key position in charge of the core business process. In terms of compensation, training, development opportunities and other resources, the company will consciously shows partiality to key positions. Career planning for key positions is an important plan for the professional growth and career development of employees. The company gives more space and responsibility to show their capabilities in key positions, and may periodically arrange study and provide relevant professional and management training to promote the rapid growth of employees.

Technical training

TA&A Ultra Clean is an East China Training Base for Professional Skill Appraisal Workstation in Electronic Industry of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, cooperating to cultivate professional talents of antistatic field. In addition, it cooperate with US ESDA company to cultivate senior management and technical talents for China's electrostatic protection industry, and carry out professional consulting and training of antistatic engineering.